7.2 from Nida Manzoor on Vimeo.


Funded by Film London and premiered at the BFI London Film Festival as part of the London Calling selection. Currently it being developed into a action comedy series with Big Talk Productions.

7.2 is an action-drama that follows Cleo, a schoolgirl, who regains consciousness to find herself lying on the ground with no memory of who she is, only to be confronted by Daisy, the school bully, who issues a cryptic ultimatum. What follows is a race against time in which Cleo must deal with the bully and save herself from disembowelment. Ascending the school floor by floor she defeats various foes and finds out more about herself on what becomes a journey of self discovery. It's packed with snappy dialogue and witty one-liners. 7.2 is as funny as it is brutal, with big heavy hitting sound disgin to match.

Project Details

Writer/Director:Nida Manzoor
Producer:Nell Green
Sound Design:Sebastian Shorter
Mixer:Nick Cox (The Farm)